Hi, I’m Dr. David Bloodgood

With nearly a quarter century of experience assisting individuals and couples who have encountered problems that stand in the way of achieving personal, relational and sexual goals, I have seen and heard it all – and the common thread always centers around one (or both) partners feeling unfulfilled.

The tendency for couples is to look outward for a resolution, but decades of working with couples has proven that the quickest fix comes from trusting the couple’s own personal competencies and life skills as I guide them through the discovery and improvement process.

Whether through the online course or my ebook, sexual adventure awaits you and your partner. Have fun!

My Pathways to Intimacy Course and Fanning the Flames Ebook break down your sexual relationship into basic building blocks, and guides you through how to assemble them into the sexual partnership you’ve always wanted.

For Pathways to Intimacy, I've condensed advice and activities that some couples have taken years to learn into 12 easy-to-manage “exercises” that include videos, questions, and an intimate activity for every lesson.

In Fanning the Flames, I've packed the equivalent of months of relationship coaching into 26 pages of specific suggestions, proven ideas, and time tested methods for tuning up and reinvigorating relationships.

You’ll get proven processes, gain priceless insight, and reprogram your brain for superhuman intimacy and sexual fulfillment.

"In the midst of the corona shut down my wife and I were looking for something that would be interesting and make our relationship even better. For once we had plenty of time for sex. Doing the course was something we looked forward to each week and gave us activities to focus on everyday. The sex was great. We felt like newlyweds learning what each of us enjoyed the most—and that’s after almost 20 years together."

- G.W. and spouse

"I have been a therapist for more than ten years. At least once a week I find my self quoting from Dr. Bloodgood’s work. I recommend his course and books to my patients. It provides a structured way to teach them how to have a healthy sexual relationship."

A.F. – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

"My husband and I didn’t have any major problems in our sex life, but after 10 years we were looking for something to create a little more excitement and newness. The course was fun and it opened some doors for us. Even after 10 years we found there were things we didn’t know about each other. It made us realize that sex can still be fun even after a decade. We both agree it brought us closer together."

– A.P. and spouse